Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on XV 89

I was hoping to get some pictures of a deamon prince I did awhile ago, but I havent been sent them yet, so just a small update for now. This is the progress I have made on my XV 89 Broadside Battlesuit. The arms are put together, but I need to wait until the greenstuff dries in order to glue them into place. I will then add cables to the backs of the railguns attaching them to the jump packs. Also I am debating how I want to do the head, I think it needs to be converted into something a little bit more stout, but am not sure how i am going to do that yet. Possibly thinking a rounded head with only 1 antennae, or both antennae on one side.... anyway here are the pics.

Some shots of it "together"

Front View


and some closeups of the arms and redone shoulder pads...
Shoulder Detail

Both Arms

Right Arm

I am thinking about doing a tutorial on how do make the armor plate upgrades, redone jetpacks, and different railgun designs when I make my second suit, What do you guys think?

Also, does anyone know how to widen the margins on blogger? or what width pictures need to be? They keep getting cut off, and I would like to be able to not have to edit them too much or make them much smaller....

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  1. wow man great stuff all around. Tau are so unique it's so hard to really change the look of them while keeping the technological feel that they posses. Your going on my blogroll at akersminis