Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speed and Altitude - Aeronautica Tactica

So this will be the start of a series of some sort I suppose. I will attempt to explain some rules an tactics of the Aeronautica game both to increase my understanding of them and to introduce it a little bit to new players.

Two things play an integral part in the Aeronautica system. Speed and Altitide. Both range from 0-9, and have built in dials on bases to record them (as they change constantly during the game)

This is how fast your flyer will move. You go 2" for each point of speed you have.

Min and Max Speed:
Not everyone can go all out. Your max speed will limit how fast you can get across the board, either to run away or chase your opponent. Min speed is generally 1, although some flyers have 0 (which means you can hover) or even a higher number. You can never go above your maximum speed, although you can go below your minimum (not without risks). The biggest things is remembering that you will ALWAYS be moving. Unlike alot of other games, aeronautica is one in which you generally don't have the option of playing static.

Each turn you can change you speed (up or down) according to your thrust value. This gives you a small control over how fast your plane will be going on any given turn. It goes without saying that the higher the thrust, the more control you will have.

Below you Minimum Speed:
If you ever END the turn going slower than your minimum speed, your flyer crashes. yes it is gone. But it is important to notice that you can thrust yourself below your minimum, as long as you are above it by the end of the turn. Basically you can stall out your engines, and if a manoeuver gets you up in your speed, then you can keep living, while still moving the minimum.

Manoeuver Cards:
It is imporant to remember that when moving, you should also calculate the length of the maneuover card into the equation (approx. 3"). This will always be the bare minimum that you can move, and I have seen some pretty close calls when this is forgotten and flyers near the edge(if you fly off you are gone)

The altitude is how high your flyer is. 0 is on the ground, 9 is the high atmosphere. Terrain on the board also has an altitude value associated with it. Altitude also determines who you can shoot, what weapons you can shoot at them, and how easy it is to hit them.

I haven't actually seen it happen, and it shouldn't if you are paying attention, but you can run into terrain and blow up your ship. Terrain can also be used to shake off opponents with lower manoeuver than you, or you can put ground defenses up on them to increase thier range.

You can shoot anyone within 1 altitude of you. Always pay attention to fire arc of your weapons (some can only shoot up or down) and the altitide of your opponent. There have been alot of times when I thought I was going to blast a fighter away only to realize I am at Altitude 3 and he is at 7.

Max Altitude:
This is the highest you can go. Most flyers can get to 9, but there are some that can't. Knowing this can allow you some safe time, or to try and split up your opponent.

So that is pretty much everything that I can come up with. Some more advanced tactics will come later, but right now that is what I have.

On a different Note, there is currently a constest going on over at (a khornate World Eaters forum). 1/2 the time has passed and WIP have been posted here:

Here is the WIP of mine, since it is already in my photobucket and on I figure it is not too big of a deal to show it (just don't tell anyone). Painting has already started, and is about 70% done. If anyone has a good way to do metallic brass i am all ears. Otherwise, see ya next week.


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