Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Demon Prince Incoming!

So I finally finished the demon prince that has been keeping me from everything else lately, here is the picture I submitted, the quality is pretty bad and it didn't turn out so great, but here it is...

you will have to click on it so see the whole things as blogger will not let me upload the picture.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Secret Work

So as far as painting has gone in the last week it was all on a contest entry which will remain secret until the contest is over mid december. I did however play a game over the weekend. It was 2000 pts of Tau vs. 2000 pts of Sisters of Battle in a Dawn of War Annihilation mission. I made a few mistakes into not bringing out all my firepower and not finishing off squads, and it is probably for these reasons that the game ended in a tie with 5 kill points a piece.

Not a total loss, but it isnt a checkmark in the W column either. I did learn alot about 5th edition and how my army is going to work (This was the first game i have played in probably a year or two)