Saturday, April 24, 2010

Landspeeders anyone?

Just one more example of how the 41st millennium is coming to use sooner rather than later.

All we need now is some Anti-Grav Technology

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Greater Good Rejoice

So looked at the forgeworld news letter today and saw these three items that made me pretty happy:

First up,XV-9 With fusion Cascades"Mounting cutting-edge fusion gun variants that can be used with the high-tech systems of the XV-9. The Fusion Cascade engulfs its target in powerful melta energy. It fires in bursts, meaning that despite each charge being less powerful than an Imperial equivalent, it can overwhelm its target through weight of fire."

XV-9 With Phased Ion Guns
"The XV-9-04 wields Phased Ion Guns – these experimental weapons seek to develop the rapid-firing technology of the Cyclic Ion blaster and vehicle mounted Ion Cannon into a stable battlesuit system. The long accelerators of the Phased Ion Gun allow the pilot to engage the enemy at range with a storm of projectiles that react explosively on an atomic level, decimating heavily armoured infantry and vehicles."

Finally, and the real winner in my book,
XV-9 Commander Shas'o R'Alai

" The Shas’vre assigned to pilot the XV-9 Battlesuit armour are combat veterans, each a survivor of the deadliest battles against the Greater Good’s most savage foes. The Fire Caste of Ke’lshan has mastered the use of the XV-9, and within this cadre of solemn and determined warriors Shas’o R’alai is a paragon amongst veterans; his skills have been rewarded with the most advanced weapons and equipment produced by the Earth Caste."

Now, I haven had a chance to get my hands on Imperial Armour Apocalypse II yet, but from the descriptions it seems as though the XV-9's arent just for close fighting any more. This makes me pretty pleases, however I was wishing that they would just come out with a weapon pack for the XV-9 so that I could magnetize all the weapons and just switch'em up as I play...

Commander R'Alai looks pretty cool and I am digging the shield. It does show an interesting trend with tau battlesuit characters. 3 out of the 4 official characters are equiped with combat shields...(Farsight, R'myr, and R'Alai). Maybe this is just coincidence, or maybe a future option? I am also intrigued at the idea of an XV-9 commander. I haven't tried the suits yet, but It will be interesting so see a unit of potentially 4 w/ drones.

What do you guys think? Has anyone seen IA:AII that can testify as to the purpose of these guns? At any rate it makes the idea of an (almost) all battlesuit army pretty appealing. You can now field Suits in all slots but troops, and i am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what new troops will be in the next codex (not like its gonna come out anytime soon).

Will have another White Dwarf Review up soon and possibly some pictures...