Friday, March 30, 2012

Terrors of the Deep

So I have not posted in quite awhile due to the unholy triforce of family issues, work, and the wife deciding to rearrange the whole house (including my painting room/office).

Anyway, I have been meaning to get this guy up here for awhile, I ended up re-sculpting his head from what I had posted earlier, and although not completely happy with it, I think it turned out better than I thought. I also had to stray from what I wanted to do with the Standard in order to get the appearance that I wanted. Also, not sure if I want to keep the standard how it is, I think I might change it for smaller "subtler" tentacles and try to make the fabric appear more worn and tattered. But without too much further ado, here is the standard bearer for my Son's of R'lyeh Squad.