Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tau and a Flashback to Warmachine

So here is a WIP model that I have been working on lately. It is a Tau broadside that will eventually have arm mounted railguns. I have worked extensively to bulk out and "strengthen" the look of the suit.
Broadside 3/4 Front

Broadside 3/4 Back

Leg Detail


Also here is a model that has been sitting on my shelf for some time. It is a Menoth Warmachine 'jack that I was painting up to look like a stone cathedral. Unfortunately I have since stopped playing warmachine and haven't had any progress on it for several years.

Menoth Temple Jack

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Weekly post! Hopefully...

So hopefully this will be the first in a long line of posts. I have decided to try to get one post/week just to keep myself on track. Right now due to my schedule this means Wed. nights, but who knows what the future holds.

So i just want to put up some of my Tau stuff that I am working on,

Broadside which is now standing up and waiting for a head and weapons
XV 89 body sideXV

converted sniper team leaders waiting for paint
sniper team 2

[sniper team 1
And finally some painted crisis suits. I think I am going to change the leader a little bit, but otherwise done and finished
Tau Magnetized Battlesuits

So anyways, I have actually put away my tau stuff for the time being to work on a Khorne Deamon Prince for a contest over at I wont be posting any pics until after the contest, but I am sure that it is going to be one of my best miniatures to date and hopefully I will be able to win the comp.

For greater skulls!