Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tau Workshop

Unfortunately this is a late post, there has been alot going on lately with the holidays here in the US, but that also has me working on my tau a little bit more since I will be playing a game tomorrow. Here is some new stuff that I have done up Lately.

Here is the broadside with arms on.surprisingly the model actually is balances without a base.

A commander that I started working on, haven't figured out which head I am going to go with yet, but it will be one model that is not mounted on a flying base. It will be jumping off a rock of some sort.

My next commander will be doubling as a Shas'o Rymr, and so while I had some wait time I put together this double barrel plasma gun. i think it turned out pretty well.

Here are the rest of my Crisis suits, all with loadouts for the game. A lot of time this week was spent magnetizing weapons and getting my list together.

Last but not least the most interesting picture. This is the WIP of the cord that will connect the railguns to the backpack. I took the inspiration from the forgeworld suits.

What do you guys think? A few more conversions and some basework and I will be at the painting stage soon (hopefully)


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  1. great work on the broad side. Especially love the GS banner.