Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aeronautica Imperialis

Aeronautica is the Forgeworld game of aerial combat in the 41st millenium. Basically you get choose from several races in the 40k universe (Tau, Orks, Imperials, Eldar and Chaos) and in Epic scale you fight with all the flyer's of those races.

It works out to be a very tactical game in which each turn you choose all manuevers that your planes will fly and then move them in a rotation with your opponent. This system makes it hard to predict what your opponent will do, and you soon realize to unload when you have the chance.

I choose to play the Tau since I have a Large Tau 40k force, and my buddy chose to play Orks since he was going to start an ork army. With our teams chosen we then began a campaign. In the Campaigns you take around a 600 point list as your total fleet, and then play games that range from 100-300 points. One of the cool(or uncool) parts of the system is that when your flyers die in a game, you need to replace them from your reserves for the next game. Points gained from playing missions allow players to buy more flyers, choose missions, and eventually win the game.

Right the Tau one the last three games we played and if they win the next one I will take victory over the greenskin horde.

So here is what I have for the game:
1 Manta
4 TigerSharks with Ion Cannons
4 TigerSharks with Railguns
2 Tiger Sharks with Remora Fighters
6 Barrucudas
4 Remora Drone Fighters
3 Skyrays
1 Aerial Minefield
2 Custom Tau Bunkers

Obviously I do not have all of this in the campaign (The manta being over 100 pts alone). The Bunkers are for our next scenario where the Orks need to do bombing raids on the Tau Bunkers. I left one of the Dials open to show the number of hits the bunkers have left.

Does anyone else out there play Aeronautica, I know that it is a pretty expensive game to get into since it is forgeworld, but it is also extremely fun and pretty awesome.


  1. I looked into it and it seems fun just the money is the overall killer.

  2. That's an impressive looking Tau force you have there! I like your scratch built bunkers.

    I am just getting into the game myself, painting up Orks and Imperial Navy. I haven't had a game yet but I'm looking forward to it.

    The price doesn't seem that high to me. One, or maybe two books, gets you all the game rules and every squadron list and then it's only £50 or so for very useable starting forces.

    You don't have to buy bombers, ground defences, bunkers, etc right at the start.

    Good luck in your campaign!