Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trolly train of Khorne and Slaanesh Ape Demon WIP's

So here are a few updates of some of the stuff I have been working on,

First up is the World Eaters Landraider, some of you may remember it from the WIP pics that I have posted Before. It is finally getting some paint,

Btw, this is my first model that I really did with an airbrush (the red), and I must say that even with a crappy airfed single action, it is AWESOME. As far as painting red on large flat surfaces this was definately the coolest idea ever.

Next up is the Slaanesh demon prince that I originally posted up  Here.

A little bit more work has been done on him, added arms and reposed some stuff. I thought the old pose was boring, so I tried to make it more dynamic.

What you guys think?


  1. I think it is looking superb :) !!!


  2. sick prince conversion, and that bucket of blood is the icing on that landraider

  3. Thanks for the Comments, Just wait till the wings are on the demon prince and the clear red resin is in the landraiders cauldron.

  4. Very cool. The Khorne blood cauldron is a brilliant idea, and the Slaanesh DP is one of a kind. Cant wait to see it finished!!