Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slaanesh VS. Khorne. Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Well, despite a growing addiction playing League of Legends online, I have managed to get some work done on the Slaanesh demon prince, the quite a bit modeled on the second berzerker squad and a bit done up on my second land raider. Without further adeiu, here are the pics,

First up, excited that he no longer has to walk everywhere like everyone else is the Slaanesh demon prince:

Following the newly winged horror, is the armored bulk of the red destroyer, a WE landraider,

 Not sure yet if the front will be hinged to actually flip up and open, or if I will just make it look like it could, but keep it sealed. I am leaning towards the second option for ease.

Finally, a new squad of bloodthirsty brutes has appeared on the horizen, praise be to the khorne, my the blood never cease flowing,

 Next up is Cap't Hook, don't really wanna shake his hand

 Following the Captain, is the Knight,

 I still need to add some more detail to the glaive, but I think it is turning out nicely.

I also have three more that are almost completed, and will post them and a squad shot once I have all the backpacks made up and put on. And finally, a recent accrual of some FLGS$ saw me get a box of CSM and the Son's of R'lyeh have returned to my workbench.

Here is the beginings of the Standard bearer:

Not Quite sure about the head yet, I may redo it. I am also going to add a banner type piece under neath the squid head for the banner.

Finally, I have a question to pose to everyone, I am thinking about redoing the horns of the Slaanesh demon prince to be something like this:

Basically making them into a symbol of slaanesh. The question is do you think it would look good? If I do this, then he will probably get quite a few more Slaanesh symbols which I have avoided putting on him thus far in trying to keep in nondenominational. Seeing as how I am planning on selling this piece, do you guys think it would be good to dedicate him to slaanesh (it is the best prince gamewise), or would it be better to leave him more neutral?

Until Next time, when I will have some concept sketches of landraiders to show, I am out!


  1. Think you should keep the prince neutral with minor hints of slaanesh. if you look up some pics on the net you can find the certain attributes that suite a slaanesh themed daemon prince or lord, but don't exactly put a slaanesh symbol on the model.

  2. Just some great conversions all around. Love all your Chaos work. Gonna throw a shout out to ya on my Blog if ya don't mind.