Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Demonica Class LandRaider

"In the depths of the eye of terror, on those worlds bound in blood, demon and machine have become fused, cohabiting the same metal shell. These lumbering metal behemoths act as warp conduits, summoning warriors and demons from across the stars into battle. The Demon inside the tank acting as the general of its infernal force.

A Demonica Class Land Raider is a fearsome sight to behold on the rare occasion that it can step from the warp. It stands as a war alter to Khorne. Unlike even other demon possessed tanks, the Demonica has no interior troop transport, it is instead filled with a powerful greater demon of Khorne.  Through the Demon's power the vehicle becomes a conduit for warp travel, allowing troops to assault directly into battle from the ships above, or even other warp shrouded planets. Although such travel is risky and takes up most of the demons power, so it can only be done rarely. The demonic energy does allow bloodletters to survive in close proximity to the greater demon, often riding along the hull, cutting down those who get too close the the might tank."

Some of you may remember this piece of artwork that I did quite a while ago:

I finally have found some time to continue working on the beast, and it is coming along nicely so far.
Here are the side arms which are magnetized to come off if they are destroyed.
 And one a little more WIP to see the coils:

You probably also noticed the demonic gate on the side in the second picture:
and Finally an overview of the demon riding on the back:
What do you think? Still a lot of work needs to be done. The front WE symbol needs to be detailed before it can go on, and still need to figure out exactly what I am going to do with the left side door. I also think I will replace the panel the demon is sitting on with more of a cupola style thing.

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