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Raven's Flight

An Audio Book Review

This is a review about Raven's Flight, the recent Horus Heresy Audio book by Gav Thorpe. Origionally I wasn't even going to get the audio book as I like reading, but I figured I would since it was Horus heresy and it would give me something to listen to in between classes out at college.

For those that know nothing, the book is about the fight on Isstvan V after the Raven Guard, Iron Hands, and Salamanders were massacred at the drop site. The book Fulgrim also goes into some detail about Isstvan V and Ferrus Manus vs. Fulgrim, but only touches on the dropsite massacre. Following a lot of other HH novels, Raven's Flight follows several story lines (2 in this case). One dealing with Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard, and another following Marcus Valerias, an officer of the imperial guard at the raven spire.

What was Good:
I thought that the reading was pretty good, and the sound effects added something to the story that might not otherwise have been there. It was definately easy to get involved in the story. The book also offers some insight into the Raven Guard and particularly thier Primarch Corax, particularly on his weapons, combat style, and his "unique" abilities.

What was Bad:
The whole book is only just over an hour, and frankly, I think that there was more context in some of the short stories in Tales of Battle. The story begins interestingly enough with a fortuitus dream by Marcus Valerias, unfortunately it doesn't really go anywhere from there. The basic parts of a story such as the rising action and climax seem to have taken a vacation from this publication. Unlike most of the HH books, the traitors barely even get a minute in this book,even the battles that provide the action of the other books are relagted to a single scene (maybe 1 1/2). The book has more introspection than I thought was necesary, and very little conflict. The book also ends fairly abruptly, and doesn't really give any sort of resolution to the story.

My Opinion:
I would give Raven's Flight a mere 2 out of 5, and I love the HH novels. Basically, there are only two reasons to read the novels, 1) You love the HH novels and have an OCD obsession to read/listen to them all, or 2) You really like the Raven Guard Chapter, and want to know everything about them. Besides these, I think would say the 75 minutes would probably be better spent painting, modelling, reading or staring off into space. If you want spoilers, scroll down.

Has anyone else listened to it? I know that it hasn't reached many store shelves, how many even knew about it.


Marcus Valerias begins having nightmares about burning ravesn soon after Corax leaves for Isstvan V. Corax's story starts after the dropsite massacre where we learn that Vulkan stayed on the dropsite and was massacred, although we don't learn of his exact fate. Corax and his few remaining warroirs then ambush a Iron Warriors Tank column, and Corax says some choice words about Perturabo and his' relationship.

Continueing to have horrible dreams, Valerias appeals to the last Raven Guard Commander to allow him to go to Isstvan. Obviously, he refuses. Valerias, not cowed, decides to go anyway. And in a discussion which almost gets his entire fleet destroyed by the Raven Spire's defense turrets he convinces the Raven Guard Commander to allow him to go.

At the same time, the raven guard have managed to survive, although only 3,000 are left out of a qouted 80,000! marines. They face thier last stand against the World Eaters and Angron, set to die when Dropships from Valerias swoop in to save them from the first wave and allow them to retreat to orbit. The book then promply ends.

Interesting Facts:
- Corax uses a reat energized whip which can apparently slice a terminator in half.
- Corax can also make himself "unnoticeable" to people around him.
- The size of preheresy legions is hinted at when Corax says that he came to Isstvan V with 80,000 marines.

***************Spoiler End************

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  1. Thank you for the review. I was debating getting this.